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Welcome to the MultiCultural Division (MCD) of the American Association of Christian Counselors!

The United States population is diversifying and minorities are likely to become the majorities of the future. Therefore, it is essential to address multicultural issues in counseling effectively. As the 21st century continues to progress, it is increasingly evident that counselors must become ever more competent with respect to issues of multiculturalism and diversity. Given this reality, what is the nature of culturally competent counseling in the 21st century. This division will provide culturally competent global leadership, research, training and development for multi-cultural Christian counseling professionals with a focus on spiritual, racial, ethnic and cultural competency when counseling across cultures including, but not limited to, African-American, Latino-American, Asian-American and Native-American cultures.



Black, Sabrina

"It is imperative as Christian counselors that we are adequately equipped and thoroughly furnished with the tools necessary to model intentional inclusion and minister the love of God to people around the world in need of hope, help and healing. The Multicultural Division will help prepare you to be culturally competent, sensitive and successful in your work with diverse clients."
—Sabrina D. Black, M.A.

Scalise, Eric

"Today, more than ever, we need to train and equip culturally-sensitive, culturally-attuned and culturally-competent counselors and caregivers. I am so pleased to see one of our core AACC member divisions expanding to accommodate such a vital part of our overall mission to reach out and touch a hurting and broken world."
—Eric Scalise, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT

Huang, Wei-Jen

"All counseling cases are cross-cultural in nature, the creation of the Multicultural Division will help all of us enhance our multicultural sensitivity and competency and become more effective Christian counselors to serve the 21st century's diverse clients."
—Wei-Jen Huang, Ph.D., CGP

Tan, Siang-Yang

"I am glad to see the formation of a new Multi-Cultural Division of AACC. It will be of significant help in the development of culturally-sensitive and culturally-responsive approaches to Christian counseling."
—Siang-Yang Tan, Ph.D.

Moitinho, Elias

"The U.S. is becoming even more ethnically and culturally diverse. Therefore, Christian counselors need to be equipped with multicultural counseling competencies from a distinctively Christian perspective."
—Elias Moitinho, Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT, BCPCC

Rodriguez, Sam

"This is the season to unite as brothers and sisters in Christ. MCD is a vehicle that will assist in the healing and implementation of culturally-sensitive, biblically-based Christian counseling."
—Rev. Samuel Rodriguez